What does your profile photo say about you?


You might think that your profile photo is just something to let others know what you look like, and you’d be partly right. However, your profile photo says much more about you than what superficially meets the eye. It also has a lot to say about who you are and even how you do business – and we’re not even talking about branding photos, just the pure and simple headshots too.  

As a photographer and member of Sterling Networks, I posed the question above to my group and one of the members, Mark Barrett, who had recently commissioned some photos from another photographer, posed the question to his audience. He was inundated with messages from people who know him well saying that “they failed to capture his character” (literal words!) 

We then had a chat about what he wanted to portray with his photos because what I saw did not translate into what I knew of him either.  We then went ahead and I took some pictures of him, which he then posted again to his audience. No pressure at all! Comments were again overwhelming, but this time to say that these pictures did indeed capture who he is; someone approachable, yet highly professional. Most importantly, and in his words, the photos “passed the scrutiny of the greatest critic, my wife.” 

When you upgrade your photos, do take at least a minute to think about the message that you are sending out to a world full of potential clients. Or even better, hire a photographer you can consult these matters with!