Virtual, socially in the Cotswolds…


There is no doubt that Sterling’s virtual networking groups have been a big success for many members – meaning that travel times for networking have been reduced and members have been able to visit other groups out of region. Nevertheless, with strong, trusted business relationships and indeed friendships forming, there comes a time when members both individually and collectively wish to further their interactions with face-to-face meetings; if nothing else, to see whether the reality of 3-dimensions bears any resemblance to the images we conjure up based on pixels on a screen.

Sterling’s Cotswold Virtual Lunch Group, under the expert guardianship of Group Leader Eunice Learmont, the WillwritingYogi, have decided that occasional group social outings are tremendous fun and provide not only a great morale-boost but also present a perfect way of cementing relationships forged online. In May, some of the Cotswold group met up for their third social event at Cheltenham’s Sri Lankan restaurant ‘The Coconut Tree’. All venues Eunice has chosen to date have been in central locations, accessible for group members and at a time to suit: being held on the alternate Friday lunch to their regular meeting time, to allow as many people to attend as possible.

Eunice said: “I love the vibrant energy and rapport of our group, not only friendly and relaxed, but also professional and effective. Despite the geographical sprawl, it is great that our members arrange so many of their 1 to 1s face to face; our socials have become a natural extension of these. It has been a great pleasure to invite former, as well as current members along, and we know that not all members can attend each event – but the socials feel like a hallmark of the support that our members provide to each other, past and present, and everyone is keen to attend if they possibly can.”

Eunice continued: “Of course we are delighted to welcome visitors and new members to our Cotswold Virtual Lunch Group, which meets fortnightly on Fridays. We are particularly looking for a mortgage advisor, travel consultant, graphic designer and HR advisor to take up available seats in our friendly group and would love to hear from any interested parties.”

Details about the Cotswold Virtual Group can be found at: