*Top Ten* on an Amazon Best Sellers


Good Morning everyone! I can’t really overstate what a great way to start the week this is… but Billy the Goat and the Five Pound Note has broken into the *Top Ten* on an Amazon Best Sellers list!

Yep, my little entrepreneurial goat finds himself in 6th place! Aghhh it’s so close to Top 5 🙈

But frankly it’s so gobsmacking to hit Top 10, if he gets no further I have to say I’m blooming chuffed with that. So thank you so much to everyone who has helped put him there.

Billy The Goat And The Five Pound Note is a good little book to teach your kiddies about some basic concepts of entrepreneurialism… not least, the concept of entrepreneurship itself. I reckon I was probably in high school before I understood what an entrepreneur was. I actually think we’re bad in this country at encouraging children to think big about business, and we almost discourage them from thinking about wealth creation as an ambition to have – as if it’s some dirty thing. Nevertheless, most of us on here are that way inclined and wealth creation and aspiration shouldn’t be things to feel grubby about. Just because you make money, doesn’t mean you have to use it badly, after all!

So, as much as Billy is useful as an introducer of these concepts to children, it is also a useful little book for us grown up business people, entrepreneurs and grafters… so don’t be afraid to get a wee copy just for your own bookshelf!

As ever – I don’t want to encourage anyone to buy my book for the wrong reasons (#5 on that list would be insane! 🤯)… but if you do fancy it, you can get a copy here! 👇