The Wonderful World of Charity Fundraising


The Wonderful & Wacky World of Charity Fundraising

Have you ever needed an excuse to be strapped to the outside of a plane or to walk barefoot over blazing coals? You haven’t? Then maybe you’ve had a hankering to sit in a bath full of baked beans or dance for 24 hours? Well if you haven’t, you may soon be in a minority of the population. These days there are a ridiculous number of ways of doing ridiculous things for good causes. Just watch Red Nose Day on TV and you’ll see that the occasion gives carte blanche to anyone to do anything to raise money.

But how does a charity benefit if you and your colleagues decide to come to work dressed as characters from Harry Potter or Game of Thrones? Assuming your boss is OK with the idea, you need to get some like-minded people on board and publicise what you are doing and why. This raises the profile of the cause you are supporting, but where does the money come from? You could just make a contribution to the charity for the opportunity to do something silly & in fact that makes more sense than asking others to sponsor you. Why would anyone want to sponsor anyone to do something so unnecessary?!

Over the years I’ve been asked to sponsor people to climb Kilimanjaro, for children to be silent or for someone to shave their head. As I smile weakly and cough up the necessary, my internal response is, why don’t you just ask if I’d make a donation to your cause? There really is no need to sit in a bath of custard or dress as Margaret Thatcher. But if you want to do that, please go ahead without asking for my money. I know, I know – bah humbug and all that.

So it’s unusual but refreshing when you can support a charity by doing something enjoyable and useful. This brings me neatly to “Summer in the City” which is a business networking event in aid of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust:  If you would like to meet local businesses in the Worcester area whilst having a glass or 2 of something nice and knowing that, in doing so, you are supporting this important local charity, then that seems to me like a win, win, win situation. For details of this event: