The Summit at the Summit


Only a hedge separated me from the most powerful man in the world.

A hedge, 18 feet and the secret service armed and ready to go.

A threat could come from any direction at any time.

I focused on my training, my purpose and the reason I was there. I had to find the perfect

For a handshake.

Sadly, it never came.

The President of The United States was a mere 16 feet away and I had to maintain protocol.

I did however get to share time with the secret service in lovely Cardis Bay at the G7
Summit. Learned lots of valuable tips for anti-surveillance training and convoy driving. A
great experience.

My name is Rehan Jamil. I started The Summit Executive Chauffeurs 11 years ago following

The Summit has had different shades as I have learned and qualified. First a taxi company
and then an Executive Driver and now officially, I am fully qualified and trained Executive
level Chauffeur recognised by the Guild of Professional Chauffeurs.

I drive a fully equipped Mobile Office offering in car WiFi and charging for your laptop. Or
anything else, except a microwave or kettle.
This allows CEO’s and busy executives to continue working whilst travelling to a variety of
locations. They can continue to bill their clients or make the minutes count in their working
day going home and can fully enjoy their time with the family.

No stress of driving, multi-tasking by taking or making calls which is illegal and a company
can suffer legal action if deemed a business call has led to loss of life or a life altering injury.

Their entire workday changes. Their week changes, their entire business changes.
My business depends on others thriving in their business and I enjoy it.
That’s why, for so many, I have become the go to chauffeur for all their road travels, to the
point, if I am unavailable, they will accommodate when I am.

That is how I measure my success. I am much more than a driver, I am a chauffeur a
concierge, a driver and a PA. I make things happen.
Who do you know who could benefit from such a service? BioTecs, Tech Startups and
Pharmaceutical companies are our best and most profitable clients. Working through their
PA’s and Executive Assistants, the service reassures them that their principals are always
safe and secure.

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