The Business of Rewilding


Rachel Tredwell of Not Just Travel is delighted to have been made a Green Ambassador.

Part of a large franchise, Rachel’s Oxford-based travel business is leading the way towards saving our planet. One of the top 5 franchisees across the country, due to her commitment and contribution to date, she’s been invited to become an ambassador. Inspiring more business owners to get onboard with rewilding both land and sea.

Going against the grain and steering away from the use of the popular term “carbon offsetting”, Rachel Tredwell, a Trustpilot rated personal travel consultant, pursued a lesser-known route: Rewilding.
With carbon offsetting being fraught with problems, greenwashing rife and consumer distrust gaining pace, Rachel jumped at the chance to be part of a very different initiative.

The moment you dip your toe into the world of offsetting or large tree planting schemes, it can quickly become evident (like anything in life) that there is a wrong and a right way to approach it. Tree planting can even make climate change worse.

In fact, a 2017 European report discovered that 85% of carbon offsetting schemes don’t follow through on what they promise and the carbon calculations varied widely. This doesn’t mean all offsetting programmes are flawed, but it does beg both the businesses engaging in such programmes and their customers to ask better questions.

Engaging directly with mother nature’s very own ‘Climate Heroes’ – which all play a big role in climate change mitigation and adaptation – was a chance for Rachel’s business to become part of the solution rather than the problem; as well as an opportunity for Rachel to educate and influence her network.

No matter the destination or length of the trip, customers choosing to book their holiday with Rachel will be helping to rewild landscapes once lost, protect keystone species that keep the ecosystem in balance and fund critical research. With a contribution in every bespoke holiday quote (and the option to add more), this flexible easy-going approach is proving to be a winner amongst Rachel’s customers.

“I hope this can be an example to other businesses on what’s possible, we may be small, but together businesses up and down the country could have a huge impact.
I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from existing customers, new prospects and local businesses when they hear about the Climate Heroes.
From restoring seagrasses and kelp forests, which can lock up carbon at a rate 30 times faster than trees, to reversing centuries of ecological damage in the Scottish Highlands, we all know people respond to stories and these stories are worth telling.” – Rachel Tredwell

We’re at a pivotal point in history. Where conservation and rewilding could become the “business of business” and not just the narrow concern of a few environmental NGOs.
Because if every single person and business took action today, rather than waiting for perfection, we would all be looking at a different picture as the climate clock continues to countdown.

Enquire about your dream holiday today or find out more about the ‘Climate Heroes’ on Rachel’s website,, in which you’ll discover insightful videos and a recent blog update from the Scottish highlands.

Written by Rebecca Woolford, Founder of the Climate Hero initiative.