Team Sterling & Steps to Freedom Challenge


Shockingly on average 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic abuse during their lifetimes.

During the month of April members of Sterling’s groups in Bristol and Stroud as well as a team from Sterling Head Office have pledged to take part in The Nelson Trust’s Steps For Freedom challenge.

The challenge is to walk, jog, run, hop, skip or jump as many miles as you can during the month.

Proud Sterling Stroud member Andy Jarrett said “Netwalking is a great way to have very different and better conversations with contacts. With the clocks changing and spring in the air then now is the time to move more. Research has found that just ten minutes of vigorous walking every day can extend your healthy life by two years. Thank you to the amazing Sterling team who have stepped forward to walk alongside women who are facing up to the terrible crime that is domestic abuse.”  

To find out more or get involved visit or contact Andy Jarrett 07468 860144