Support from Sterling for Kickstarter


When I decided to apply for a new staff member on the government backed kickstart scheme, I realised quickly I needed help from my Sterling network. 

I reached out to the following Sterling members within their specialist areas to assist me in finding, setting up, and ongoing support towards employment for our new Social Media and Customer Assistant, Stela Koleva:

  • The Job Guru: I attended their kickstart webinar to learn about the scheme, and quickly signed up for their full support package. They assisted me with the application and DWP criteria, the job advertisement,the placement, and ongoing online training.
  • Phoneworcs: Sandy set up Stela’s new phone line, and access the numbers required, enabling Stela to answer calls when needed. As always with phoneworcs, this was done quickly, easily and efficiently. 
  • Sleep. Create. Repeat. : I approached Harvey to design and create new email signatures for myself and Stela, including all of our brands, supporting credentials, and links to all social media accounts. Excellent work as always.
  • Cloud Top Technology: Matt crump has offered advice, and will provide ongoing I support across all of our devices, and Microsoft workspace.  
  • Acorn Support: Ruth and Claire at acorn support are providing an employee handbook for the business, to help protect the business, Stela, and future employees.
  • Quick By Design: Richard Brown has initiated a training session with Stela, to help with the job role, and assist me in delivering what I need from the role.

Without these contacts in my network. I would have been unable to attain Stela as the new employee, due to ongoing business demands. As always, it is much easier and efficient for me to contact the people I need within their specialties to deliver what we need in the best possible way. My network is important to me, and I would highly recommend them. 

David Middleton

Owner – The Vehicle Network