ROI of Leadership Development


The Return on Investment of Leadership Development

Liz Gait (EG People Development) and Herefordshire shared a fabulous afternoon with Claire Lawton (Acorn Support) at Black Country Radio Xtra sharing their love of all things ‘people development’ in a recent interview.  Such is our passion for investing in people, we could have chatted all day but thankfully, after some editing, the interview will be aired on Black Country Radio Xtra on Tuesday 28th September at 5pm and will be available for a week via the Radio Station’s App.

Liz, a member of the Friday lunch Sterling Group, has been working in partnership with Herefordshire Council for four years and early in 2022 will be commencing a ‘Transformational Leadership Excellence’ programme in their Adults & Communities Directorate, working closely with their in-house learning and development team.  During the interview, Ruth Goldwater, the Workforce Development Lead at Herefordshire Council, shared her passion for facilitating managers to grow and learn.  Through action learning sets, managers will come together to share their development needs and after attending training workshops with Liz, they’ll be working again with Ruth and her colleagues Sue and Michelle to ensure their learning is applied – seen and evidenced in their leadership behaviours.  For Liz, who loves inspiring people in the training room with the latest leadership thinking – from the likes of Simon Sinek and Infinite Leadership, to Patrick Lencioni and his team working theories, working with Ruth in close partnership is an ideal way to maximise any investment in leadership development.  On some occasions, people come on training, have great inspiration, plan to make improvements then go back to old habits.  However, working so closely with Ruth, Liz is confident this won’t happen.  More likely will be obvious changes, use of different language and behaviours and ultimately ‘culture is behaviour at scale’.  The changes in leadership behaviours will be seen and experienced by others and guess what – they will be copied and will radiate across the organisation.

Following the training over the last few years, Ruth has seen demonstrable improvements in confidence and how, through the use of Insights Discovery, managers can connect more effectively with their colleagues, team members, partners and customers.  Insights Discovery is an excellent profiling tool used by organisations across the globe and currently a market leader, especially for use in leadership and team development.  Using a simple system of four colour energies – Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue, these equate to psychological preferences to describe how we react to things, make decisions and perceive the world.  As we are all different, firstly the tool enables individuals to understand themselves better which in turn helps with knowing how to flex communication with others – something which is critical in effective leadership and team working.

Herefordshire Council have seen first hand how using Insights Discovery has supported people to connect right across the Directorate and the whole organisation, especially since the programme has been extended to other Directorates.  To hear and be inspired by the impact Liz’s leadership training and Insights Discovery has had, Ruth shares stories in the upcoming radio interview and Liz too has great feedback and sees first hand how managers increase their confidence in leadership during the modules.

Download the Black Country Radio App, listen live on or visit to find a link to the interview. 

For further information on leadership & team development and Insights Discovery, visit Liz’s website and get in touch via the contact page or phone for an inspirational natter on 07876 563787.