Reasons to re-connect in 2022…


Cup of tea in the snow? Reasons to re-connect in 2022…

Written by Emma Stubbings (Sterling Bristol Breakfast Group Leader, Executive Coach and Co-Founder of Connect Outside) and John Tierney (Mountain Leader and Co-Founder of Connect Outside).

The last two years have given all of us a huge amount of time to reflect, and lots of people and businesses feel it’s now time for action and creating change.

Right now, some are actively making those changes. Some are watching from the side-lines and considering their options and some are not clear at all, feeling completely lost.

What we do know is it’s easier to make change when you have the right support in place. Finding perspective feels simpler when you’re outdoors and in a fresh place. And, motivation can be fleeting. So, making a commitment to change and outlining to others the real steps you’ll take can help people make that shift.

Here’s what else we know…

  • Many teams and individuals have had 18 months of interacting in the Zoomiverse and it’s taking its toll.
  • The pandemic has taught us that getting outside is one of the best ways to support our mental wellbeing and general resilience.
  • The conversations that normally happen, are different when you’re outside in a beautiful place.
  • We’re all social animals to some degree. And if 2020 and 2021 taught us anything it’s how valuable connection and collaboration is.
  • A relaxed state, a distracted mind and a dopamine high are proven to support creativity and innovation. That’s why we get our best ideas when we’re outside.
  • When we connect with others, we can solve problems, create change, learn and grow.

So, here’s what we did…

We created a business ‘Connect Outside’ that takes groups to amazing places to work on important subjects. And then we asked M-Studios (Rory and Lizzie McAllister) to help us tell the story and launch it with a video.

They literally trudged up (and back down) an enormous hill, in the Brecon Beacons, on a Monday morning, in November, in the snow, with a full videography kit. 

But we had an absolute ball. It was the best day. I can’t tell you how much we all needed it.

Connecting outside, being much smaller than the magnificent space around us, asking ourselves some questions that actually matter.

Here’s what others said…

“I connected back to what is important to me and how it feels”

“I had time to mull over the big questions and space to answer them”

“I’m taking away a sense of calm, I feel proud of myself and how far I’ve come”

“I found clarity about what I need to do next…”

“The space combined with the structured questions for the day allowed me to think out loud and create new perspectives”

“OMG the most amazing homemade chocolate brownies…”


And finally…

The biggest thank you to M-studios for their professionalism, expertise and truly awesome company. Their video is now live on the Connect Outside website’s homepage. Connect Outside

The stunning photography was by KLCreative – Kate Lindeman who also trudged up the hill carrying an expensive piece of camera equipment. We’re completely in awe of her work and her style.


We’re offering ‘Connect Outside’ team days to businesses and individuals in 2022. Get in touch to find out how you can get involved in these experiences and what they can do for you and your team.