Protect yourself from ruthless scammers


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One of the topics that we have frequently addressed during the pandemic is the increasing number of scams. We’ve rounded up some top tips to help you stay safe.

Impersonation fraud

This is when the scammer texts or calls the victim while pretending to be from a trusted organisation. Follow these key points to foil the criminals:

  • If a phone call or voicemail, email or text message asks you to make a payment, log in to an online account or offers you a deal, be cautious.
  • Don’t assume anyone who’s sent you an email or text message – or has called your phone or left you a voicemail message – is who they say they are.
  • If in doubt, check it’s genuine by asking the company itself. Never call numbers or follow links provided in suspicious emails; find the official website or customer support number using a separate browser and search engine.

Ticket and holiday fraud

Following the easing of lockdown restrictions, demand for gigs, events and holidays is high and fraudsters are eager to catch live entertainment fans and fun seekers out. Here’s how to protect yourself and spot the signs of fraud:

  • Only buy tickets from the venue’s box office, official promoter or agent, or a reputable ticket site.
  • Avoid paying for tickets by bank transfer, especially if buying from someone unknown. Credit card or payment services such as PayPal offer greater protection against fraud.
  • Be wary of unsolicited emails, texts or adverts offering unbelievably good deals on tickets.
  • If you’re planning a holiday, book directly with an airline or hotel, or through a reputable agent. Check whether they’re a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA).
  • If you deal directly with the property owner or a letting agent, ask them questions about the booking, room and location. Don’t book on websites that don’t have a padlock icon (https) and be wary if you’re asked to pay using bank transfer or cash. Pay by credit or debit card if you can.

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