Mind Your Business -new business podcast for business leaders


A new podcast, The Mind Your Business Podcast, has been created by Alan Clark (Leadership and business coach and owner Exponential Coaching Ltd) and Matt Williams (Accountant and owner of accountancy business Cypher Ltd ) designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs build the business they really want to build.
Alan and Matt met at the Sterling Oxford breakfast networking meeting and share a passion for business and leadership growth.

Matt said “ The longer I am running my own business the clearer I see the huge impact mind set, attitude and clarity have on critical matters like business growth, customer astonishment and team development. We decided at the end of 2020 that we would like to create a podcast that feels like a blend of human and business development, and is genuinely useful! “

Mind Your Business Podcast is a weekly podcast, around 30 minutes long and has now 22 episodes available to stream and nearly 1000 downloads so far.

Alan said ‘Matt and I wanted to discuss what was classically called the “hard skills “and “soft skills “ within leadership and business development, to help our listeners to develop useful insights that can be reflected on and acted on. We know we have added yet more information to a world full of information, that’s why we are so passionate that our listeners do create useful and useable insights and that they notice a positive impact ! ‘

This blend of hard skills and soft skills has definitely been achieved so far within the first 22 episodes. A diverse range of episodes includes “ The Psychology of Pricing “, “Learn, Unlearn, Relearn “, “ Cash flow Masterclass “, “Crave Clarity not Certainty “ and” Completing vs Competing “.

Mind Your Business Podcast has really resonated with people across the diverse subjects since January.
Matt said “We have had lots of positive feedback since we started our Podcast, and it’s been a great feeling to be able to add value to people who are out there creating and building businesses right now, we want to help as many people as possible!‘.

Mind Your Business Podcast can be found on Spotify and Apple I tunes.
Here is the link –:
Alan Clark can be contacted at and on 07824837636.
Matt Williams can be contacted at and on 07960 962108.