Meet Up for Cotswold Virtual Lunch


Cotswold Virtual Lunch decided to kick virtual to touch for one Friday (between our virtual meetings) and make seeing each other a reality!

Following on from ‘freedom day’ about half of the Cotswold Virtual Lunch Group were able to meet in Tewkesbury (equidistant for many to travel from around the county and beyond!) on Friday 23rd July. 

For many it was the first time that members in the group had physically met as the group became a virtual one during lockdown in 2020.

Newer members had only ever known each other as a bijoux size of a postage stamp via Zoom so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to recognise so many away from the computer / zoom screens!

With it being the start of the summer holidays, some members were unable to attend but there is a wish to arrange another gathering for our group sometime in the autumn as a ‘social’ beyond the virtual network!

David Whiston came to this social as the newest member and that’s before he has actually attended a virtual as a member of our group!

The joy of putting faces to names and to see how statuesque people were – James Edwards of Blue Squirrel actually towered over most of the members!

No-one would ever have guessed!