Local firm recognised in top 100 advisors in the UK


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Financial Advice Centre. It is a privilege to be part of your esteemed network. Our business focus is on building long term relationships, so we look forward to building a long and fruitful relationship with you.

In 2020, our West Midlands based business passed its 20th year in 2020 and we are proud that many of our clients have been with us for that long too.

Our team’s expertise is varied across several technical areas including pensions, inheritance tax planning and bespoke investment strategies. We come together to ensure the best results to keep things easy to understand.

We succeed despite difficult times

We all faced exceptional circumstance in 2020 and against this backdrop our achievements are even more remarkable. It is hard to choose just one, so below we share our top 5 for 2020.

  1. Proactive advice and portfolio growth: We sent 4 different newsletters and 11 monthly ad hoc communications to clients, keeping them informed about the impact of the pandemic on their investments. As a result 99% our clients stayed fully invested and have seen their portfolios grow.
  2. Exceptional feedback: Of all our clients surveyed in 2020 over 95% would recommend our services to their friends and families.
  3. Leading in ethical investment: We launched a series of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) funds to promote ethical investment and have already transitioned 30% of our clients into these funds. This is well ahead of the industry average and exceeds our regulatory requirement.
  4. National awards: There are over 12,000 IFA’s in the UK. We are proud to have our firm recognised as one of the top 100 advisers in the UK for our ethical and fair minded approach. We are the only firm in Worcestershire to be selected and only a few in the West Midlands. Following this accolade, we received further recognition for our exemplary treatment of vulnerable clients.
  5. Local recognition: Our approach has attracted significant local talent and enabled us to expand into new offices in Bromsgrove and Wolverhampton. It has also seen us selected as the exclusive referring partner of Andrew Grant Estate Agents for their West Midlands mortgage business. In November we were also invited to join a pilot programme training Worcestershire based service professionals in recognising the signs of Domestic Abuse in employees and clients.

We hold ourselves to high standards in our business and we strive to lead by example.

Please reach out if our team can help answer questions around pensions, inheritance tax planning and bespoke investment strategies.