Investing in Female Health


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Investing in Female Health – A positive change for women in the workplace

The Government have recently launched their grant fund to support women’s reproductive wellbeing in the workplace (article here:

Why is this so important?

Endometriosis costs the UK economy £2.5billion each year, loss of work and healthcare costs.

20% of menstruating women reported symptoms that interfered with their work but didn’t feel supported enough to speak about it.

1 in 10 women (3.5 million) in the UK have PCOS, affecting their overall health and appearance as well as their confidence in the work place due to the physical symptoms it presents.

Women make up 46.8% in the workplace and when this percentage aren’t functioning at their best, productivity suffers.

Many HR departments are now wasting a lot of their valuable resources trying to support these women without having the knowledge, experience and support themselves. Many women have reported the services on currently on offer feel like lip-service to keep them quiet, whilst companies are left scratching their heads as to what to do next.

Project Woman is the ground breaking initiative that is bridging the gap between corporations and their employees. Having experience supporting large finance and creative companies in London, alongside their global offices, we are the voice that is elevating communication, reducing the loss of women from the workplace (900,000 women left their jobs in the UK going through MEnopause because they didn’t feel they had the support to stay) as well as increasing productivity across the board.

By offering education on fertility health, as well as perimenopause and menopause creates a cohesion between your workforce that gives your brand and message impact. Everyone loves to work for and with a company that feels more like a family.

Now is the time to include female health in your strategy to make your company the forward thinking business it really is, by empowering your female employees to take responsibility for their health as well as giving your HR department the education and tools needed to support those employees.

If you would like support in initiating women’s health within your company, please contact Abi Adams on or visit the website –