Go Climate Positive with Sterling


At Sterling Networks, we’re always striving to be a more sustainable business and leave less of a footprint on our planet. So, we called in Go Climate Positive to help us set new targets and create an eco-conscious mindset.

Go Climate Positive, founded by sustainable expert Eoin McQuone, is a company that helps other businesses to calculate their carbon footprint and work towards net-zero emissions. With thorough audits, in-depth knowledge, and a commitment to educating others, they’re working to make the business sector a more sustainable place to be.

Sterling Networks worked with Go Climate Positive on an extensive project to become more aware of our own carbon footprint. Over the course of approximately two years, we went through every aspect of our business together and measured our total carbon footprint, accurately and not through rose-tinted glasses. 

We measured everything from our expo marketing materials and how much electricity we use, to the mileage of any cars used for business purposes and how many computers we have. The Go Climate Positive team even helped us to look at the impact of our Cloud and CRM systems, helping us to understand how we can make these more energy-efficient and sustainable.

Founder of Sterling Networks, Tracey Davis, praised Go Climate Positive for their incredibly thorough work. She went on to comment “I’ve known Eoin a long time through our networking, and I was impressed with what he had to say at one of the Sterling member presentations. As a company, they’ve been incredibly professional in their delivery of the project.” She also explained how the templates and guidance provided by Go Climate Positive made what would have been an arduous and tricky process simple, transforming the way we view our carbon footprint.

After the audit, we’ve become far more conscious as a company of how every choice we make can have a positive or negative impact on the planet. We implement what we’ve learnt constantly, carrying out carbon-reducing actions like:

  • Reducing the number of banners we use at expos
  • Ensuring we recycle or reuse all materials
  • Only ordering what we need from the printers to avoid waste
  • Choosing manual shutters over electric options to reduce electricity usage

Another interesting change Go Climate Positive helped us make was to our email systems. We learnt that storing emails takes a huge amount of energy and adds to our carbon footprint. Rather than archiving emails that we won’t need for the future, we now delete them. It’s small changes like these that are helping us to make a big difference. 

If you’re a business owner who’d like to become more eco-conscious, we highly recommend working with Go Climate Positive! Our experience couldn’t have been better, and they really have transformed our mindset and made Sterling Networks an eco-conscious environment to work in.