From Chaos to Calm: A Lockdown Business


Matt started his business in June 2020 without any clients and without a plan, the decision had been sudden and unplanned, and the future was uncertain. He was determined that starting his own business was the right decision, but it would not be an easy path.

Matt knew a few things that would help shape the direction of his business:

  1. The state of the world demanded flexibility and cloud based working
  2. Businesses need continued guidance around IT & help when it goes wrong
  3.  IT can now be run without investing in servers, just a monthly cost through Microsoft 365

Matt also knew that people like dealing with people, especially when things are going wrong, or when they need advice.

With these core beliefs it was enough to kickstart his business’s journey, but how could he get the message out there to businesses that he could help? The answer was simple, Matt started calling some local businesses, but more importantly he joined some Sterling Networks groups which have dramatically helped the business get off the ground.

Fast forward 10 months and the business is steadily growing and showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, Matt is now looking at bringing in some extra help through the kickstarter scheme so he can focus on running the business and delivering the regular project work.

Matt, Cloud Top Technology