What would happen if the rest of the world lived like we do in the UK?


Have you ever considered this? I’m sure we all realise that most people in our country live a very privileged life compared to most of the people in the world, but do we ever stop to think how much?

This year, May 19th will be the UK’s Earth Overshoot day.

What does this mean? It means that if the whole world’s population lived as we do in the UK, by May 19th our demand for ecological resources would outstrip the earth’s ability to replace them within the year.

It’s an arresting thought, isn’t it? We are using the world’s resources at more than twice the rate that the earth can replace them.

It highlights the fact that our planet is our life-support system. If we want the planet to continue to look after us, we need to look after it. We are already pushing the boundaries of what is safe for us; on climate change; on biodiversity loss and species extinction and on deforestation.

We can push those boundaries back again, and we can all do something to help. Anything that will cause you or your business to use less energy, use fewer resources, create less waste or help create change will make a difference.

I setup Go Climate Positive to make it easy and affordable for smaller businesses to take real and meaningful action to help tackle climate change. In just over a year, we have already saved 1257 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (that’s the equivalent of 1000 flights from London to New York). This month I am announcing that, with the help of our customers and business partners, we are going to create a new woodland in Gloucestershire through our new tree planting programme. This will not only help tackle climate change, but will also provide new habit for wildlife and allow us to play our small part in reforesting the planet.

What could you do?

If, like a lot of us, you want to do something in your business but don’t know where to start, please get in touch. I’d be happy to give you some advice.

Eoin McQuone
Founder of Go Climate Positive and proud member of Sterling Networks.
0333 344 5890