Consultancy cash in with R&D claim


A Bristol consultancy with a focus on energy consumption and renewable technology have claimed a substantial sum of money in research and development (R&D) tax credits after working with Access2Funding. The business has used the money to partially fund a new team member and put the rest towards its marketing budget.

About Darren Evans Ltd

Formed in 2007, Darren Evans Ltd’s primary objective is to help the construction industry adapt to change and to better understand the impact of climate change in the industry. Their team consists of 16 specialists that advise clients throughout the sector on various legislations, from the mandatory to the aspirational, and help to advise developers to make the most out of the technology available to them that can help with sustainability.

The business advises on both domestic and commercial property.

Research and development in the business

Due to the nature of the business, a significant part of what Darren Evans Ltd do involves R&D.

Darren Evans explains: “This kind of business wouldn’t have existed 10 years ago but with government targets being set with regards to climate change, we are constantly adapting our services.

“All the legislation changes can be difficult to keep up with and that’s what we’re here for – to bridge the gap between those and the construction industry professionals. One day we may be advising an architect on something that they aren’t specifically trained in such as heating in a property and the next we could be consulting with a large developer like Barrett Homes.”

One Darren Evans Ltd project where R&D was found was an extra care facility in the West Midlands. The business was able to aid the developer to make sure it had a highly technical specification from an energy efficiency point of view. The team created a design solution that worked for the developer and also met the key energy accreditation, BREEAM. This build was different to other commercial and residential schemes and will prove useful as a blueprint for future projects.

Experience claiming with Access2Funding

Darren had initially made a claim in R&D with a different provider, but Access2Funding was able to maximise that claim, resulting in a larger amount for the business.

Darren said: “The previous supplier not only didn’t get as much money back as Access2Funding, but they made me do a lot of the writing up myself. Access2Funding made it a lot easier – I just had regular catch ups with the team, and they did the work for me.”

Final thoughts

Darren continued: “I’ve recommended Access2Funding to four other businesses because I thought the process was so easy and I wouldn’t recommend the previous supplier to anyone!

“I think many people don’t know about R&D tax credits and that they are naturally doing R&D. The process with Access2Funding is really user friendly.”