An Adventure, An Amazing Experience


Making a massive difference for seriously ill children!

Sterling member Doug D’Aubrey from Executive Training and Consultancy Ltd and his client, Michele Ibbs from I’m Your PA Ltd, have achieved and amazing and droughting task of walking Coast to Coast via Hadrian’s Wall a total of 104 miles in 8 days!

Why do such a thing?  Are they nuts?!…

They did it for Acorns Children’s Hospice. The Children’s Hospice needed to get some Mobile Heart and Oxygen Monitors for the children at a cost of £1,100 each.

These monitors would enable children who are terminally ill to be able to get out of bed and play with the other children or in some cases even make a visit home.

The walk has raised nearly £11,000 so the hospice can buy 10 monitors.  During the walk a spokesperson from the Hospice sent Doug and Michele this message of encouragement.

“Hi Doug and Chele!

I just wanted to drop a message to say an enormous THANK YOU and a YOU CAN DO IT!

Your oxygen and heart rate monitors will create so many memories that families will treasure forever

Children like Isabella who love arts and crafts will be able to spend time making pictures and getting messy with paint and glue

Children like R will be able to pop out when the ice cream man visits to get their Mr Whippy with a triple flake!!

Children like Tilly will be able to fulfil their bucket list of things they want to do with their sibling before the child passes like going for a swim, having a race in the garden, and singing along to baby shark!

You’ll be helping over 2000 family members who rely on Acorns


The Just Giving Pages are still open. Mine is

Michele’s is

Walking 12 to 15 miles each day for 8 days, and the last day was 18 miles, it was a tough challenge.

The second half of the week  was done in very hot temperatures and some days they were walking in 29 degrees heat through farming land with no shade!

By the end of the walk both Michele and Doug’s legs were swollen and sore but you can see from the smile on their faces how proud they were to finish.

The scenery was spectacular and the history of the wall and how it was build and lived on 2,000 years ago was amazing.

What a challenge and what a great charity to raise money for.